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Family Clayer Pack 2 + 1 FREE

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Quality Guaranteed

1- It works or your money back

2- Scientifically Proven

3- Tested, Used and Recommended by Professionals from all around the World since 2016


1- Certified 100% Natural and Non-Toxic French Healing Clay

2- Chemical Free


1- Packaging made of Cane Sugar resin and not plastic

2- Ethical suppliers

3- Harmless to humans, animals and the Planet

4- Not tested on animals

The perfect combo for the whole family and get everybody healthy!

The Family pack to make sure you have everything for your family and for yourself. Everything is made with the best clay available on the market! We know kids are always exploring, testing their own abilities and trying new things.

We also know, as an active person it is frustrating to be injured! 

Not forgetting having an healthy skin is important

We have developed this 3 pack of the best clay for you and your family. We want to make sure to keep you moving forward.  

We have healthy products, because everybody’s health matter.

  • 1 Muscle and Joint Pain Relief ($24.90)
  • 1 Face and Body Mask ($24.90)
  • + 1 Kids Care! ($19.90) FREE