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Kids Care - 3 Pack

Kids Care - 3 Pack

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We know kids are always exploring, testing their own abilities and trying new things. They always end up with booboos, it does not matter how much we look after them. This is why we have created this Kids Care product. We want to make sure they keep moving forward in the world. We have a very healthy product for your children that protects, soothes, and help with their discomfort. We call it “Kids Care”

► How does Clayer kids clay aid work?

Clayer Kids Clay Aid absorbs Toxins and goes to work instantly. Apply Clayer to the Blemishes, redness, discomfort and other booboos. Clayer Kids Care addresses the root of the problem. Scientifically Proven, Clayer provides the healthiest product on the market today.


► What are the ingredients?

Alkaline water, illite, kaolin and bentonite clay

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