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Soap - Ice Skaters Natural Bar Soap - 3.5 oz - Pack of 3

Soap - Ice Skaters Natural Bar Soap - 3.5 oz - Pack of 3

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Elevate your post-ice-skating ritual with the Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3 – a trio meticulously designed for those who make no excuses on the ice and deserve top-notch care! Wash away the exhilaration of the day with all the gentle benefits of Clayer after a session filled with skating prowess. Crafted in Marseille, this pack is the ideal solution for individuals who want to stay freshly confident and clean without any worries.

Why Choose Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3?

  1. Triple the Authenticity, Triple the Craftsmanship: Experience triple authenticity with Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3 – not just one, but three bars meticulously crafted in Marseille. Using hot crushing techniques and traditional methods under the guidance of a Soap Master, this pack ensures a consistent and exceptional post-skating cleansing experience.

  2. Harmless Ingredients for Triple the Invigorating Clean: Revel in the confidence of Clayer, made with the same high-quality, harmless ingredients across all three bars. This pack is specially formulated to provide an invigorating and clean experience, perfect for skaters who need to freshen up after a day of spins and jumps.

  3. Allergy-Free Assurance, Tripled: The triple action of Clayer ensures a worry-free solution. Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3 is not allergenic, promising a refreshing and nourishing wash without any concerns about allergies.

  4. Extended Sessions, Tripled: Extend the skating sessions with Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3, designed to last longer than most regular bar soaps. Each bar promises a prolonged, indulgent experience that keeps skaters feeling fresh and ready for the next round of glides.

  5. Hydration Without the Dry Effect, Tripled: Experience the winning glide against post-skating dryness times three with Clayer. This pack guarantees no dry effect, leaving skin revitalized and hydrated after every wash.

  6. Genuine Savon de Marseille for a Wholesome Finish, Tripled: Immerse yourself in the wholesome goodness of Clayer – a genuine Savon de Marseille times three. Each bar in this pack is a testament to the heritage of classic French soap-making, ensuring you get the best care.

Instructions for Use: Refresh yourself from head to toe with Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3 – suitable for washing your face, body, and hands. Exercise caution to avoid contact with the eyes.

Compact and Convenient: Each bar in this pack weighs 3.5 oz, providing a convenient and portable solution for your post-skating cleansing needs. Choose Clayer Skater's Soap - Pack of 3 for a worry-free, invigorating clean that keeps you freshly confident and ready for more glides on the ice!

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