• Healthy

    Ingredients Certified:

    100% Natural


  • Respectful

    Scientifically Proven

    Not tested on animals

    and will never

  • Proven

    It works or your

    money back

    Since 2016

  • Made in USA

    With imported Exclusive

    Healing Clay

    From FRANCE

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Moving Forward

CLAYER is part of the lifestyle of many professionals and Champions, what about you?

To excel at what you do, first and foremost you need to be taking care of your bodyWe believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You are built to step out of your comfort zone!

We are here to help you overcome injuries and prevent down time! This is why countless great riders and athletes, in different sports and around the world, have been part of Clayer.

CLAYER is the secret of many professional athletes in recovering faster is in using our ancestral remedies. We meet these needs, and more, with our pure, French green clay. Top athletes worldwide, from X-Games riders to UFC fighters, use and recommend our products for the ability to accelerate the recovery time. 

Clayer products work or your money back!


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