Clayer Commitment to you and the future

Clayer commits to

Because we think of your health and well-being as well as the environment, we want to raise the standards and provide you with the healthiest and most eco-friendly products.

Natural / Organic

All our ingredients are 100% Natural or Organic certified.

Because we are talking about natural remedies, by definition it has to be made with natural ingredients. Why Green clay is not organic? Green clay is like water, it is made with minerals, by definition it can not be Organic, but only natural. Our French Green Clay ingredient is registered 100% Natural by Cosmos ECO-CERT, the highly respected French independent certification agency for environmental sustainability. Ecocert is accredited by the USDA.

Chemical and GMOs Free

A lot of companies in the industry are using chemicals and ingredients that are not made by nature. We are concerned about what we feed our body with, so it’s natural for us to provide you products from our Mother Earth. We want to be sure you do not use toxics and/or dangerous products that are not originally made for our health. That is why we do not make cream,

Also, we don’t use any artificial colors or preservatives, no fragrance, no paraben, no aluminum either. We want you to have the healthiest natural remedies for your skin.


We work hard to make sure all the ingredients we use in our natural remedies are non-toxic. We definitely don’t want your skin to be absorbing compounds that are toxic.

This is why Clayer chose certified non-toxic natural remedies.

Our French Green Clay ingredient is registered Non-Toxic by Cosmos ECO-CERT.


We do not use anything from animals. And we do not test any of our products on animals either

Because we value all lives this is our commitment to you as our customer. We will never involve the use of animals in any of our natural remedies.

Our formulas

Our products are not toxic and definitely not harmful. Our ingredients have been used for centuries in Europe and are certified 100% non-toxic and natural.

We work close with our partner, and are proud to work with the best Clay supplier in the world, located in France, providing the best clay ever found. The company in France works with solar energy, and after the extraction of the clay, they replant trees and flowers to help the regeneration of clay. Our supplier has been awarded as one of the greenest companies in France. Clayer is the only company able to use their products in North America.

Having great partners is another way that we are moving forward.

As a brand and as a company, we feel fortunate to have you as a consumer. It i sour goal to help many people through Clayer. We believe it is our job to make sure you have access to the best products, but also to make positive changes in this world. Moving forward with high quality commitment and care about our consumers, planet and future generations.

Because your health and our future matters, let’s be moving forward together.

Our Packagings

We use LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), which is a recyclable plastic materials, we want to lower the amount of plastic on earth. We also get it from a supplier who makes it from recycled plastic.

We do not use paper boxes so we can help save the trees. We try to optimize everything about our products moving forward to limit our foot print.

About LDPE:

It was the first polyethylene to be produced, many items made with LDPE are collected for recycling in communities across the nation. Typically are collected in curbside recycling programs.

Recycling LDPE and other plastics can help lighten our load on the environment. Recycling in America significantly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and can create more and better jobs than landfilling.

So LDPE will continue delivering more goods with less waste, energy use, and global warming potential than alternatives. Do your part by recycling rigid LDPE items in your curbside bin and flexible LDPE items and wraps at participating retail stores.

We also use 100% Compostable mailers and recycled cardboard.

Moving Forward.


Clayer offers a top shelf ingredient 

You can find bentonite clay and other clays from different places worldwide.

Bentonite clay is known to be composed with heavy metals.

Clayer’s green clay is only composed of 10% bentonite clay which does not contain heavy metal compounds, which makes our green clay the only clay product not falling under Proposition 65 California Warning

Our green clay is from a specific place in France between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alps.

Our location is free from the pollution, not too dry, not to humid avoiding heavy metal compounds. Pure over 80%, without quartz and silica, our French Green Clay ingredient is Certified Non-Toxic and Natural by Eco-Cert, which makes our french green clay the PUREST in the World with a purity at over 80%. Most of the clays like bentonite clay you will find on the market are barely at 60% and contain a lot of heavy metal compounds.

The fact that our green clay contains only 10% bentonite clay makes Clayer unique with great properties.