Clayer Healing Clay Studies

The science behind our exclusive Healing Clay

Green clay: better than chemical medicines?

Clayer is the opposite of the chemical medicines which can destroy healthy tissues and both beneficial and bacterias. Our french green clay allows healing to take place at a natural rate. It contains active minerals that possess analgesic properties effective in relieving tissues by decongesting the affected area.

Scientifically Proven

Here the study made by our supplier at the CHU Lyon (Clinic specialized on the skin) about our French Green Clay:

Made on the inflammation and the various phases of the wound healing of gingival. The model used was primary human cells of oral mucosa (fibroblasts and keratinocytes).


Anti-inflammatory effects and actions at the various healing stages:

The 3 phases of healing were investigated:

PHASE 1: The inflammatory phase: following-up the secretion of TNF-alpha and interleukin 1

PHASE 2: The repair phase of mesenchymal tissues underlying: following-up the synthesis of type I collagen and monitoring the migration of fibroblasts

PHASE 3: The Epithelial repair phase: scratch test

The results of this study show that our french green clay has anti-inflammatory effects and actions at the various healing stages:

PHASE 1: An anti-inflammatory action since a decrease of synthesis by the epithelial cells of TNF alpha and interleukin-1 has been proven.
PHASE 2: An action in the mesenchymal tissue underlying repair phase. The green clay allows a better synthesis of type I collagen
PHASE 3: An action on the epithelial healing phase and an acceleration of keratinocyte migration during the wound healing process have been demonstrated.
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clayer healing clay studies
Clayer healing clay study
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clayer scientific studies
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