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Aurelien Giraud World Champion 2023

With his smooth style on the gnarliest tricks, Aurelien Giraud has captured the hearts of fans and earned the World Champion Title!

The 24-year-old from Lyon proceeded to gain momentum throughout the week-long competition before reaching a completely new level in the final.

With his fifth and last trick attempt, the Frenchman stunned the spectators by performing a flawless Hardflip late back 180 over the hubba of the course.

There was a nagging feeling that something more significant had occurred even though the Frenchman's desired victory had not materialized.

In order to stay at the top of his game, Aurélien has been relying on Clayer for years, for recovery after each skateboarding session, training session, or injury. Clayer is a high-quality product that helps to soothe and heal the body after physical activity, and Aurélien swears by its effectiveness. Thanks to his skill, dedication, and the help of Clayer, Aurélien Giraud is poised to continue his reign as the world champion of skateboarding for many years to come.

This weekend, Giraud had demonstrated that he had the courage and the tools to compete head-to-head with the greatest on the Olympic skateboard stage by staying up with Huston long enough to secure a podium slot. If there is to be any future medal talk, his name should be brought up.

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