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The difference between healing clay and ceramic clays

Healing clays are types of clay that are used for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. They are often used in skin care products, such as face masks and body wraps, and are believed to have a range of benefits, including the ability to absorb impurities and toxins from the skin, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Healing clays can be made from a variety of minerals and are often used in natural and holistic health practices.

healing clay

Clay used for ceramics and construction, on the other hand, is used for more practical purposes. Clay used for ceramics is often used to make pottery, dishes, and other objects that are fired in a kiln. Clay used for construction is often used to make bricks, tiles, and other building materials. These types of clay are chosen for their physical properties, such as plasticity, strength, and firing temperature, rather than for their therapeutic or cosmetic properties.

clay type


Overall, the main difference between healing clay and clay used for ceramics and construction is the intended use. Healing clay is used for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties, while clay used for ceramics and construction is chosen for its physical properties and durability.

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