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Ultimate - The Basketball Box - Mix and Match

Ultimate - The Basketball Box - Mix and Match

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Elevate your game and conquer the court with the Clayer Basketball Players Essentials Box – a meticulously curated collection designed to meet the unique needs of hoop enthusiasts. This box combines recovery, grooming, and skincare essentials, ensuring basketball players stay fresh, focused, and ready for every slam dunk. From the hardwood to everyday life, Clayer ensures you bring your A-game in both performance and self-care.

What's Inside the Clayer Basketball Players Essentials Box?

1. Clayer Basketball Recovery (1 Unit): Reach new heights in recovery with Clayer Basketball Recovery. Crafted to ease muscle fatigue and support post-game well-being, this formula combines authentic ingredients with traditional methods. Whether you're making jump shots or driving to the hoop, Clayer ensures you receive the soothing care your body deserves.

2. Clayer of Your Choice (1 Unit): Personalize your experience by selecting one Clayer product of your choice. Whether you prefer the calming effects of Clayer Relax, the invigorating Clayer Active, or the luxurious Clayer Beauty, the choice is yours. Each product is designed to complement your preferences, enhancing your recovery and overall well-being.

3. Clayer Bar Soap (1 Unit): Cleanse away the sweat of the game with Clayer Bar Soap. Meticulously manufactured in Marseille under the guidance of a Soap Master, this soap blends tradition with luxury. Made with harmless ingredients, it ensures a refreshing and rejuvenating wash after a day of fast breaks, crossovers, and victories on the basketball court.

4. Clayer Deodorant (1 Unit): Stay fresh and confident on and off the court with Clayer Deodorant. Formulated with the same commitment to quality and authenticity, this deodorant keeps you feeling cool and collected during your basketball sessions. Clayer ensures you're protected against the challenges of the game and the triumphs of daily life.

5. Clayer Lip Balm (1 Unit): Protect your lips from the intensity of the court with Clayer Lip Balm. Specially crafted for basketball players, this lip balm hydrates and nourishes, ensuring your smile stays as vibrant as your passion for the game. Say goodbye to dry lips and welcome the confidence of smooth, supple perfection.

Why Choose the Clayer Basketball Players Essentials Box?

  • Tailored for Basketball Players: Meticulously curated to meet the unique needs of basketball players, providing essential care to keep you fresh, focused, and ready for every play.

  • Personalized Clayer Experience: Choose a Clayer product that aligns with your recovery goals and preferences, adding a personalized touch to your post-game routine.

  • Authentic Marseille Craftsmanship: Clayer products in this box are crafted in Marseille using traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic and premium experience for basketball players who demand the best.

  • Harmless Ingredients: All Clayer products in this box are made with harmless ingredients, guaranteeing a gentle and effective care routine that aligns with the demands of basketball play.

Instructions for Use: Customize your post-game routine with the Clayer Basketball Players Essentials Box. Use Clayer Basketball Recovery after each match, select a Clayer product of your choice, cleanse with Clayer Bar Soap, stay fresh with Clayer Deodorant, and protect your lips with Clayer Lip Balm. Follow individual product instructions for optimal results.

Compact and Convenient: All products in the box are travel-friendly and convenient, making it easy to maintain your post-game routine wherever your love for basketball takes you. Choose the Clayer Basketball Players Essentials Box for a skincare and grooming experience that celebrates your victories on the court and prepares you for the next game-winning shot.

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