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Ultimate - The Sports Recovery Box - Mix and Match

Ultimate - The Sports Recovery Box - Mix and Match

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Clayer Choice #2
Soap Scent
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Introducing the Sports Essentials Recovery Box – a curated collection designed to elevate your post-sport recovery routine. Unleash the power of peak performance and self-care with this specially crafted set that caters to the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.


- 2 Clayer Recovery Packs: 1 Clayer Recovery Runner + 1 of your choice

Recovery is an essential part of any athlete's journey, and our Clayer Recovery Packs are here to support you. Infused with natural clay minerals, these packs provide targeted relief to tired muscles and joints. Whether you're pushing your limits on the field, court, or track, Clayer aids in swift recovery, ensuring you're ready for the next challenge.

- 1 Invigorating Soap: Refresh and rejuvenate with our Invigorating Soap. Created to cleanse away the grime of the game, this soap combines invigorating scents with a nourishing formula. Feel the revitalizing power of botanicals as you wash away the sweat and stress, leaving your skin clean and ready for whatever your sport throws at you.

- 1 High-Performance Deodorant: Stay confident and focused with our High-Performance Deodorant. Engineered for athletes, this deodorant offers long-lasting protection against odor and moisture. The sport-inspired scent keeps you feeling fresh, allowing you to stay on top of your game without missing a beat.

- 1 Nourishing Lip Balm: Your lips deserve the same level of care as the rest of your body. Our Nourishing Lip Balm provides hydration and protection against the elements. Whether you're battling wind on the track or facing the sun on the field, this lip balm keeps your lips smooth and supple.

Why Choose the Sports Essentials Recovery Box?

  • Targeted Recovery: Clayer's natural formula assists in muscle and joint recovery, promoting overall well-being.
  • Total Body Care: From head to toe, our set ensures every aspect of your post-sport routine is covered.
  • Sporty Freshness: The carefully selected scents in our soap and deodorant enhance your post-activity freshness.

Elevate your recovery game with the Sports Essentials Recovery Box – because every athlete knows that peak performance is built on effective self-care.

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