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Clayer - Adventure Care - Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac and Insect bites - Healing Clay

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Quality Guaranteed

1- It works or your money back

2- Scientifically Proven

3- Tested, Used and Recommended by Professionals from all around the World since 2016


1- Certified 100% Natural and Non-Toxic French Healing Clay

2- Chemical Free


1- Packaging made of Cane Sugar resin and not plastic

2- Ethical suppliers

3- Harmless to humans, animals and the Planet

4- Not tested on animals


Clayer Adventure Care goes to work instantly to protect skin conditions from plants to bugs and help to heal faster, reducing itchiness, redness,Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac, Bugs Bite and other skin irritation.


What are the ingredients?

Water, illite, kaolin and bentonite clay