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Clayer - Scooter Active Relief - Recover Faster Healing Clay

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Quality Guaranteed

1- It works or your money back

2- Scientifically Proven

3- Tested, Used and Recommended by Pro Athletes, Influencers, Actors/Actresses and Health Professionals from all around the World


1- Certified 100% Natural and Non-Toxic French Healing Clay

2- Chemical Free


1- Recycled/Recyclable packaging

2- Ethical suppliers

3- Harmless to humans, animals and the Planet

4- Not tested on animals

► What’s CLAYER good for?

Clayer’s Scooter injury relief absorbs Toxins and goes to work instantly to recover faster. Apply Clayer Muscle and joint pain to the Back, Neck, Knee, Hand, Foot, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Shin, Heel Bruise, Calf, Chronic Pain, Soreness,


► How does CLAYER work?

Clayer’s Active relief does not mask the pain, it addresses his properties to the root of the problem by absorbing all the toxins, and providing essential minerals to assist healing and recovery time. CLAYER ingredients are scientifically proven for pain and inflammation!

Tested on pro-riderss, not animals! To simply recover faster

 What are the ingredients?

French Healing Clay Blend (illite, kaolin and bentonite clay), Purified Water


► Who is using Clayer Scooter Relief?

Vincent Kudrna - Jordan Robles - Hugo Falcon - Beca Ortiz - Cole Gregg - Michael Uhrich